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Amipol-T (10 strips), CJSC Agrobioprom
In stock 
70 UAH
The STRUCTURE AND FORM of RELEASE of the Strip from a hulled interline interval of 200x20x1 mm in size impregnated with solution of an amitraz and timol. Packing of 10 pieces in hermetically closed packages from a foil. PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTIES Possesses pronounced acaricide contact action...
Group: Preparations for bees
Not available 
4300 UAH
Apilift. The cart for transportation of beehives.
Group: The equipment for beekeeping
Fork corrosion-proof with a bent needle
In stock 
33 UAH
The bee-keeper's fork the basis of which made of stainless steel. The needle, in the beekeeping fork given model, bent, is also made of a stainless steel. The handle of this fork wooden is manufactured of deciduous breeds of wood. A fork very convenient tool of the beekeeper for listing of...
Group: Beekeeping stock
Wax refinery steam 20 frame
Not available 
5760 UAH
Wax refinery steam 20 frame
Group: Steam preheating wax units
Voshchina a rue for 1 kg. (1 kg = 17-18 sheets)
In stock 
190 UAH
Sizes (mm): sheets of a squared voshchina 410×210±2, the size of cells makes 5,40±0,05, a corner of a bottom of a cell 130 °, in packing of 17±1 sheets Weight (Kg): the voshchina net 1±0,05 Materials and elements used at production of goods a voshchina represents the thin sheets made only of...
Group: Wax
Mesh on 1 frame "rue
In stock 
110 UAH
The insulator mesh galvanized one-frame on a frame "Rue" is intended for restriction of an otkladka of eggs with a uterus and receiving an even-aged rasplod necessary for a conclusion of a uterus. Also the insulator can be used for moving of a uterus to a new beehive and to apply to implementation...
Group: Spatula for transfer of larvae
The cartridge corrosion-proof (a grid galvanized, perimeter a stainless steel) fastening on the center
In stock 
317 UAH
The cartridge for the 4th a frame rotary medogonka. A framework from stainless steel. The grid is galvanized.
Group: Cassettes for honey centrifuge
Medogonka 4th frame corrosion-proof KS
In stock 
5650 UAH
When purchasing the pasechny equipment it is necessary to consider the outputs, to correlate the price and quality of the acquired goods. 4th the frame medogonka from stainless steel is suitable for any economy and will become an important detail in the course of receiving ready goods. That the...
Group: Centrifugal machines for the evacuation of honey from the honeycombs
The beekeeper's jacket with euro mask
In stock 
198 UAH
The jacket with a mask of euro is sewed from gabardine.
Group: Clothes for the beekeeper
Magnifying glass 2,5kh multiple desktop BEE-Lens Compac
In stock 
142 UAH
Magnifying glass 2,5kh multiple desktop BEE-Lens Compact the Magnifying glass with a support which is transformed for transportation. The magnifying glass in assembled form occupies a place minimum in the beekeeper's box. Glass of a lens gives high-quality increase in objects by 2,5 times. The lens...
Group: Spatula for transfer of larvae
Nukleus EWK without glass
In stock 
75 UAH
EWK one-frame nukleus developed both for pairing of a uterus on remote obletnik and for stationary flight of a uterus. In the top part of a nukleus the fodder office which from above is covered with glass and then a wooden lid is located. The lid is fixed, in order to avoid any opening of a...
Group: Beehives
Double heater of 800Х500 mm
In stock 
59 UAH
Heater for 20 frame plank beds. The filler a synthetic winterizer is sewed from a flizelin (agrofibre).
Group: Heat insulation for hives
Crane drain aluminum
In stock 
168 UAH
The medogonok is applied to discharge of honey in tanks. It can be used also in other container for discharge of viscous liquids. It is made of food aluminum alloy. Diameter of the section through passage - 40 mm.
Group: Cassettes for honey centrifuge
Holstik (two-thread) of 820Х520 mm
In stock 
29 UAH
Holstik for 20 frame beehives, is made of a two-thread. All 4 parties of a holstik which are swept off that prevents fabric dissolution.
Group: Heat insulation for hives
Dekristallizator, dissolution of honey in a pan of 40 l. A warming up to + 40 °C.
In stock 
595 UAH
Dekristallizator, honey dissolution by the heater, safe heating to +40 °C. To you it is unnecessary to control heating temperature. Dekristallizator will automatically check process of a warming up of honey to a condition of soft pastelike. Decrystallizing of honey by means of the soft heater...
Group: Honey extractors


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