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Amipol-T (10 strips), CJSC Agrobioprom

Amipol-T (10 strips), CJSC Agrobioprom
  • Amipol-T (10 strips), CJSC Agrobioprom
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Country of manufacture:Russia

The STRUCTURE AND FORM of RELEASE of the Strip from a hulled interline interval of 200x20x1 mm in size impregnated with solution of an amitraz and timol. Packing of 10 pieces in hermetically closed packages from a foil. PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTIES Possesses pronounced acaricide contact action against the adult Varroa jacobsoni forms. INDICATIONS Varroatosis (varrooz) bees. DOSES AND the METHOD OF APPLICATION process Bee families in the spring (after the first survey of families of bees) and during the aestivo-autumnal period (after honey pumping) by placement of strips of medicine in beehives at the rate of 2 strips on 10 – 12 nested frames. For small families (to 6 frames), 1 strip which is placed in the center of a nest suffices layers and nukleus. Before use it is necessary to make an opening on one of the ends of a strip, to pass through it a hairpin and to record a strip vertically precisely on the center of the small street (in its middle part) between two frames of a bee nest. In a weak family suspend 1 strip between 3 and 4 sotoramkam, in strong – one strip between the 3 and 4, second strip between 7 and 8 frames. A strip leave in families for a period of 3 up to 30 days, depending on quantity of a printing rasplod. SIDE EFFECTS In the recommended doses are not observed. CONTRAINDICATIONS are not established. The SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS Open Packing follows only on an apiary before processing of bees. The honey collected by the processed families is used in food in accordance with general practice. STORAGE CONDITIONS In the dry dark place inaccessible for children, far from heating devices and sources of naked flame, at a temperature from 0 to +30 °C. An expiration date – 2 years from the date of production.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 05.12.2018
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